work hard, hero! hack

By when do we need to hunt monsters?
Let's get some money easier!
All you have to do is earning money by hiring solders!
Hunting monsters is the hired solders' job.
Please, level up to get the solders work hard without any break.
If you save a lot of money, purchase the neighboring castles.
The proper investment into property brings you another fortune.

1. Tap on the screen helps you to get golds.
2. If you add more functions, your solders would get more golds.
3. If you invest into property, you can continuously get more golds.

Please, enjoy it and have fun!!
If you have any advice to improve our games, feel free and let us know.
It would be very appreciated.
Also, if there are bugs, let us know. We'll fix it as soon as possible.

E-mail : [email protected]
Naver cafe address :

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